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MBK Homes Named Top-rated Builder in North AmeriCAby Eliant

The award underscores MBK's deep commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction

IRVINE, CALIF. (April 1, 2014) - For industry leader MBK Homes, keeping their customers happy always comes first. This unwavering devotion to service and satisfaction continues to set MBK apart, as evidenced by its multiple wins in the 2014 Eliant Homebuyers' Choice Awards competition - including the top honor of "The Eliant" award - that the company is proud to announce today.

Tens of thousands of homeowners were polled to choose the winners of this annual competition held by customer service management company Eliant that has been surveying buyers of new homes for 28 years. More than 76,500 surveys were administered to recent homeowners to gauge their experience with more than 148 builders across the United States and Canada.

MBK Homes garnered "The Eliant" award for the Best Overall Purchase and Ownership Experience category for single division builders in North America. The company earned this honor by scoring high with homeowners in the following areas of criteria: customer's satisfaction with overall quality, builder's performance in meeting commitments, and customer's willingness to refer a friend. In addition to "The Eliant" award, MBK also won five "Premier Awards" for Purchase Experience, Construction Experience, Overall Quality and First Year Customer Service among all qualifying builders.

"Everyone says they're a quality builder, but saying isn't enough. You have to show it," noted Rick Fletcher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MBK Homes.

MBK has forged a strong reputation in the market with its passionate commitment to building the best quality homes that is at the core of its culture. Not only does every residence pass through a comprehensive quality assurance process that holds all involved in its construction to a high standard of excellence and accountability, but all buyers are also given multiple opportunities to get an up-close look at the houses throughout the homebuilding phases. These walks - in which the buyers are often accompanied by a superintendent and a customer service representative - allow homeowners to truly be involved in the process and understand what they are getting with their purchase.

"The purpose is to set, demonstrate and back up expectations," said Fletcher. "The key in meeting the buyer promise is knowing how to set expectations properly."

The homebuilder's customer-centric culture, which includes keeping their community teams informed and empowered so that they can make decisions regarding customer care as quickly and effectively as possible - even when right on-site at the project - has enabled MBK to build a loyal following.

"Some of the best evidence of our high referral rate is that you will see a number of homes in one community owned by different members of the same family," said Donna Velasco, MBK Homes' Division Manager of Homeowner Relations and Customer Care.

MBK has consistently ranked highly among homebuyers, having won "The Eliant" award in 2010 and 2011 and "Premium Awards" every year since 2009 in the Eliant Homebuyers' Choice Awards competition. For more information from Eliant about this year's awards, visit http://www2.eliant.com/2014-hca/

About MBK Homes
MBK Homes is active in the development of for-sale single- and multi-family housing communities, rental housing, apartment property acquisition, and distressed asset renovation. Through its various housing solutions, MBK Homes' mission is to provide top quality shelter to residents in California. Throughout its nearly 20 years, MBK Homes has earned a reputation for delivering award winning customer satisfaction in housing that is innovative in design, comfort, sustainability and craftsmanship, all at an excellent value.

MBK Homes is a division of MBK Real Estate Ltd., the U.S. real estate development arm of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest corporations. MBK Real Estate's companies span a wide spectrum of real estate development, including homebuilding, retail and senior housing divisions.

MBK Homes is headquartered in Irvine, California. Corporate offices are located at 4 Park Plaza Suite 1000, Irvine, CA 92614; phone (949) 789-8300; fax (949) 789-9300; or visit the website at www.mbkhomes.com.

[ Posted March, 31st 2014 ]