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Orange County City News ( Register )

November 18, 2015
A few weeks ago, the Orange City News ran a story about a possible housing development planned for Orange-Olive Road. At last week's City Council meeting, the tentative designs and a zone change for said project were approved.

Let Lady Orange refresh readers on the development:
MBK Homes is planning to build 25 single-family, detached homes on a 2.33-acre site at 2025 Orange-Olive Road, which up until now has been used for recreational vehicle storage.

The proposed homes are two stories ranging from 2,412 to 2,519 square feet each. Most units would be three bedrooms with some four-bedroom options and each would have a two-door garage and private yard. All landscaping is planned to be low-water use and maintained by a homeowners association.

Now that the zone change and tract map are approved, MBK will be finalizing plans with the city and obtaining a building permit. Sunti Kumjim, MBK's associate vice president of planning, told Lady Orange in a previous interview that he expects construction to begin around April and conclude in two to three years.

[ Posted November, 30th 2015 ]